The Nutricafé Difference

Delicious & Good For You



Finally a gourmet organic coffee that is good for you. We roast our 100% Certified Organic Arabica Beans and then we infuse them, using our proprietary process, with the powerful immune supporting properties of our custom medicinal, taste-free, mushroom blend. The final result is truly a guilt-free, gourmet coffee that boosts your immune system with every delicious sip.

Why Drink Nutricafé?

NutriCafé is a unique coffee. The ingredients used in it are organic fairly traded coffee beans infused with a powerful blend of organic herbal extracts known for enhancing immune response and physical stamina. Our proprietary process is a technological breakthrough that allows us to infuse these organic extracts directly into the whole beans without altering the flavor. These particular extracts have been widely studied and have been found to contain compounds that are extremely efficient in augmenting the immune system.

Our special blend of herbal extracts in our organic coffee helps balance and modulate the effects of caffeine in your body. Although it is lower in acid and caffeine, one cup of coffee gives you all the rich flavor and even more energy than fully-caffeinated coffee! If you suffer from acidic reactions to coffee, consider Nutricafe.

  • Certified 100% Organic
  • Oregon Tilth Certified
  • Fair Trade Arabica Beans
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Small Batch Roasted

Nutricafé FAQ

1Why does our NutriCafé coffee taste so delicious even though it contains 100 mg of medicinal mushrooms per cup?
The quick answer is that we’ve created a proprietary process to infuse extracts of medicinal mushrooms directly into the coffee bean. This process allows the extracts to be absorbed by the bean yet does not alter the taste. Plus, we roast in small batches every week, sometimes daily, in order to insure that our coffee is very fresh.
2Why does it taste so fresh?
Most people are simply used to drinking ‘stale’ coffee and don’t even realize it. The coffee they buy in the store has likely been sitting in a bag for months. If a coffee has been bagged for 3 months or longer you begin to lose the flavors of the coffee. Air oxidizes coffee and the longer it sits around the more oxidization and staleness occur. Honestly, there is no substitute for freshly roasted organic coffee! We select only the freshest organic beans and only beans that are taken care of properly. All of our coffee is ‘co-op’ coffee meaning that there are many growers from a given region that supply coffee to their co-op. From the co-op the coffee is transported to the docks and then shipped straight to us.
3Does the heat from brewing the coffee harm the beneficial aspects of the medicinal mushrooms?
The answer is absolutely not. Mushrooms love heat and, in reality, you should always cook your mushrooms before eating them. The heat actually activates the beneficial properties of these extracts in the coffee. In addition, our brewed coffee is tested in an independent lab with consistent results. 100 mg of medicinal mushroom extracts in every cup!
4What about mycotoxins?
We have no scientific evidence that mycotoxins can survive the intense heat of our roasting process. Mycotoxins have not shown up on any analysis that we have done over the years. We test our coffee regularly and have seen no evidence of mycotoxins in it.
5Should I keep my NutriCafé in the freezer?
Storing in the freezer is not recommended, as the beans can absorb flavor from other items kept in the freezer. An airtight metal or glass container stored in a cabinet is a great way to keep Nutricafé fresh and ready to brew!
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